Feel the Fear and do it anyway!

I’m bit of a life begins at the end of your comfort zone kinda gal. I like challenges, I like to be challenged and I like to challenge. So good luck to those potential suiters out there haha. But in all seriousness, I believe that with challenging ourselves, comes growth, and from that comes real... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Whaka 100

Whaka 100, in my opinion, is one of the best and toughest marathon courses. The course has everything from endless climbs, gravel roads, techy and flowing descents and the course demands everything of you.  Cultural performance for elite riders. Having found a new dose of motivation to train, get fitter, faster and stronger since returning... Continue Reading →

Lucky 13 – BC Bike Race

We are mountain bikers, we eat pain for breakfast - Town Crier - Day 3 CumberlandListen to the full version here: I regretted that trip to Canada to ride bikes, on the raddest trails…….Said no one. EVER!! When you see an opportunity to buy a sold-out BC bike race ticket, you take the opportunity. I... Continue Reading →

Part 2: Yak Attack

Hitting the hustle and bustle of the Annapurna Circuit and heading for Besi Sahar for race start was an unwelcome feeling after the tranquillity of Manaslu and even though it meant civilisation was near, I’m not sure I was ready for civilisation. I felt unsettled and not quite myself descending from Chame to Besi Sahar.... Continue Reading →

Part 1 – Manaslu Circuit

Always push your limits. And then go a little further. Oh shit, no no no no. shit. Fuk. Why does this have to happen to me? Now?Faarrrkkkk. That was about all that was going through my head once I finished skidding, almost sliding out but somehow managing to keep my bike up after running over... Continue Reading →

When teamwork really does make the dream work

I recently had the pleasure of competing in and winning the Australian Strongman Alliance Victorian qualifier at CB Fitness in Ballarat. The best part was getting to do it alongside 10 of my team mates. We were so proud and excited to have 11 members representing Valeo Movement Academy. That many competitors is rare from... Continue Reading →

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