Lessons from Whaka 100

Whaka 100, in my opinion, is one of the best and toughest marathon courses. The course has everything from endless climbs, gravel roads, techy and flowing descents and the course demands everything of you. 

Cultural performance for elite riders.

Having found a new dose of motivation to train, get fitter, faster and stronger since returning from BC Bike Race in Canada and grateful to be back on the Pedal Lab program. I had a flawless run into Whaka; no missed session, no real ‘life’ issues to rock the boat. Training and racing were solid. But a house move, Australia Post not delivering my suspension and too many late nights in the week of Whaka, left my poor little head a little fired. I craved a long sleep or quiet day to rejuvenate but once you’re on the start line there are no excuses.

The finish line in sight.

Lessons I learnt from Whaka:

  1. Don’t analyse your performance of a 100km race in the first 15 km #beinthemoment
  2. You are always doing better than you feel #beinthemoment
  3. Take the hard line. Always.
    • I overtook 2nd place, got a gap and stayed there for the rest of the race.
  4. You are not going to feel awesome every race. Accept it and move on #beinthemoment
  5. Don’t be so hard on yourself.
    • I was initially disappointed with my race. Yes, I finished 2nd but I didn’t take the fight or determination I had brought to training and racing in the lead up. 
  6. Keep things in perspective
    • This relates to the point 5. FFS, I finished 2nd, I am so grateful to be able to ride and race my bike in some amazing locations. Your worth is not determined by your results. I snapped out of it pretty damn quickly.
  7. Have fun, challenge yourself and embrace the feelings.
Champagne showers

The Whaka 100 is really well run event, there is a distance to suit the whole family. It is seriously a great way to challenge yourself and experience the awesome Rotorua trail network. 2020 entries are open haha – https://www.whaka100.co.nz/

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