We are sisters who do endurance and strength sports (if you didn’t guess from our name 🙂 ). Karen is the endurance side of the equation and Amanda, the strength side and by doing what we love, we intend to awaken and inspire the hearts of others.

Name: Amanda Hill

Age: 34 going on 24 feeling about 64

Occupation: Firefighter

Sport: Strongman, wannabe motocross rider

How did you get into it? Via Crossfit. I realised I really liked lifting heavy and I really sucked at gymnastics! Along with plenty of gentle prodding from a couple of very strong friends. One who I worked with on his stall at an Arnolds sports festival one year, and said to myself I’m gunna be out on that comp floor next year. I was out on that floor next year.

What do you love about it? Its my therapy, it never stops challenging me, its fun. The strongman community is a huge family, the people I have met are most of my closest friends and will remain that way forever. It’s the most inclusive sport I’ve been involved in and that’s awesome to be a part of.

What is your spirit animal? A Wolf. Strength and courage, wild of spirit, breaks away from the pack but fiercely protective of family, friends and heart.

Who inspires you? I’m inspired by inspiring others. I’m inspired by nature and the simple things. Chances are, if you’re in my life I’m inspired by you in some form.

What moto do you live by? Hmmm, they change as I do, but a couple that have hung around for awhile are Our tagline, by doing what we love, we awaken and inspire the hearts of others.  And life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.

What is your favourite meal/snack? A big scotch fillet with a glass of red, the heavier and darker the better. Coffee is also my favourite food. And peanut butter, on absolutely everything!

Name: Karen Hill

Age: 32 (yes, before you ask I am the youngest)

Occupation: Public Servant

Sport: Cross country mountain biking

How did you get into it? The bike shop helping me at the time, teased me for doing triathlon and suggested I try real a sport. So they got me a mountain bike and and the rest is history.

What do you love about it? Freedom, fun, adventure, the people you meet and places you go, nature, challenges, lessons……

What is your spirit animal?

Who inspires you? I am inspired by people who are kind when it would be easier to hate, by those that are brave enough to be themselves, courageous enough to call out the everyday bullshit. I am inspired by the go getters, the people who find excuses to why everything will work 🙂

What moto do you live by? Laughter is the best medicine. You are the creator of your own reality.

What is your favourite meal/snack? This is hardest question to answer. Icecream, mangoes, peanut butter, dark chocolate (separately or all together)

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