Part 2: Yak Attack

Hitting the hustle and bustle of the Annapurna Circuit and heading for Besi Sahar for race start was an unwelcome feeling after the tranquillity of Manaslu and even though it meant civilisation was near, I’m not sure I was ready for civilisation. I felt unsettled and not quite myself descending from Chame to Besi Sahar.... Continue Reading →

Part 1 – Manaslu Circuit

Always push your limits. And then go a little further. Oh shit, no no no no. shit. Fuk. Why does this have to happen to me? Now?Faarrrkkkk. That was about all that was going through my head once I finished skidding, almost sliding out but somehow managing to keep my bike up after running over... Continue Reading →

Hero Cycles MTB Himalaya

Incredible India…….Where everything is possible  During last years’ Tour de Timor I remember Ilda and Catherine talking about the fantastic experience they had when competing in this race. That somehow deposited itself in my consciousness only to resurface earlier this year. After having some time off the bike to finish Uni, the Hero Cycles MTB... Continue Reading →

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